Interface LodCalculator

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, Savable
All Known Implementing Classes:
DistanceLodCalculator, PerspectiveLodCalculator

public interface LodCalculator extends Savable, Cloneable
Calculate the Level of Detail of a terrain patch based on the cameras, or other locations.
  • Method Details

    • calculateLod

      boolean calculateLod(TerrainPatch terrainPatch, List<Vector3f> locations, HashMap<String,UpdatedTerrainPatch> updates)
    • clone

      LodCalculator clone()
    • turnOffLod

      void turnOffLod()
    • turnOnLod

      void turnOnLod()
    • isLodOff

      boolean isLodOff()
    • usesVariableLod

      boolean usesVariableLod()
      If true, then this calculator can cause neighbouring terrain chunks to have LOD levels that are greater than 1 apart. Entropy algorithms will want to return true for this. Straight distance calculations will just want to return false.