Class UpdatedTerrainPatch


public class UpdatedTerrainPatch extends Object
Stores a terrain patch's details so the LOD background thread can update the actual terrain patch back on the ogl thread.
  • Constructor Details

    • UpdatedTerrainPatch

      public UpdatedTerrainPatch(TerrainPatch updatedPatch)
    • UpdatedTerrainPatch

      public UpdatedTerrainPatch(TerrainPatch updatedPatch, int newLod)
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
    • lodChanged

      protected boolean lodChanged()
    • getUpdatedPatch

      protected TerrainPatch getUpdatedPatch()
    • setUpdatedPatch

      protected void setUpdatedPatch(TerrainPatch updatedPatch)
    • getNewLod

      protected int getNewLod()
    • setNewLod

      public void setNewLod(int newLod)
    • setNewIndexBuffer

      protected void setNewIndexBuffer(Buffer newIndexBuffer)
    • getRightLod

      protected int getRightLod()
    • setRightLod

      protected void setRightLod(int rightLod)
    • getTopLod

      protected int getTopLod()
    • setTopLod

      protected void setTopLod(int topLod)
    • getLeftLod

      protected int getLeftLod()
    • setLeftLod

      protected void setLeftLod(int leftLod)
    • getBottomLod

      protected int getBottomLod()
    • setBottomLod

      protected void setBottomLod(int bottomLod)
    • isReIndexNeeded

      public boolean isReIndexNeeded()
    • isFixEdges

      public boolean isFixEdges()
    • setFixEdges

      public void setFixEdges(boolean fixEdges)
    • setPreviousLod

      public void setPreviousLod(int previousLod)
    • updateAll

      public void updateAll()