Interface Collidable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTriangle, ArmatureDebugger, ArmatureNode, AssetLinkNode, AudioNode, BatchNode, BitmapText, BoundingBox, BoundingSphere, BoundingVolume, CameraNode, Geometry, GeometryGroupNode, InstancedGeometry, InstancedNode, LightNode, Node, ParticleEmitter, Picture, Ray, SimpleBatchNode, SkeletonDebugger, Spatial, StatsView, TerrainGrid, TerrainPatch, TerrainQuad, Triangle

public interface Collidable
Interface for Collidable objects. Classes that implement this interface are marked as collidable, meaning they support collision detection between other objects that are also collidable.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Check collision with another Collidable.