Class ArmatureNode

All Implemented Interfaces:
HasLocalTransform, CloneableSmartAsset, Collidable, Savable, JmeCloneable, Cloneable

public class ArmatureNode extends Node
The class that displays either wires between the bones' heads if no length data is supplied and full bones' shapes otherwise.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ArmatureNode

      public ArmatureNode(Armature armature, Node joints, Node wires, Node outlines, List<Joint> deformingJoints)
      Creates a wire with bone lengths data. If the data is supplied then the wires will show each full bone (from head to tail).
      armature - the armature that will be shown
      joints - the Node to visualize joints
      wires - the Node to visualize wires
      outlines - the Node to visualize outlines
      deformingJoints - a list of joints
  • Method Details

    • createSkeletonGeoms

      protected final void createSkeletonGeoms(Joint joint, Node joints, Node wires, Node outlines, List<Joint> deformingJoints)
    • setCamera

      public void setCamera(Camera camera)
    • select

      protected Joint select(Geometry g)
    • getSelectedJoint

      protected Joint getSelectedJoint()
    • updateSkeletonGeoms

      protected final void updateSkeletonGeoms(Joint joint)
    • pick

      public int pick(Vector2f cursor, CollisionResults results)
    • collideWith

      public int collideWith(Collidable other, CollisionResults results)
      Description copied from interface: Collidable
      Check collision with another Collidable.
      Specified by:
      collideWith in interface Collidable
      collideWith in class Node
      other - The object to check collision against
      results - Will contain the list of CollisionResults.
      how many collisions were found between this and other
    • updateGeometry

      public void updateGeometry()
      The method updates the geometry according to the positions of the bones.