Class VRDirectionalLightShadowRenderer

All Implemented Interfaces:
Savable, SceneProcessor, JmeCloneable, Cloneable

public class VRDirectionalLightShadowRenderer extends DirectionalLightShadowRenderer
DirectionalLightShadowRenderer renderer use Parallel Split Shadow Mapping technique (pssm)
It splits the view frustum in several parts and compute a shadow map for each one.
splits are distributed so that the closer they are from the camera, the smaller they are to maximize the resolution used of the shadow map.
This results in a better quality shadow than standard shadow mapping.
for more information on this read
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    • VRDirectionalLightShadowRenderer

      public VRDirectionalLightShadowRenderer(AssetManager assetManager, int shadowMapSize, int nbSplits)
      Create an OculusDirectionalLightShadowRenderer More info on the technique at
      assetManager - the application asset manager
      shadowMapSize - the size of the rendered shadowmaps (512,1024,2048, etc...)
      nbSplits - the number of shadow maps rendered (More shadow maps result in higher quality, fewer fps.)
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