Package com.jme3.scene.shape

package com.jme3.scene.shape
generate meshes for various geometric shapes
  • Class
    An eight sided box.
    A box with solid (filled) faces.
    A static, indexed, Triangles-mode mesh for an axis-aligned rectangle in the X-Y plane.
    A Curve is a visual, line-based representation of a Spline.
    A simple cylinder, defined by its height and radius.
    A hemisphere.
    A simple line implementation with a start and an end.
    A parameterized torus, also known as a pq torus.
    Quad represents a rectangular plane in space defined by 4 vertices.
    A static, indexed, Triangle-mode mesh that renders a rectangle or parallelogram, with customizable normals and texture coordinates.
    Sphere represents a 3D object with all points equidistant from a center point.
    A box with solid (filled) faces.
    This class represents a surface described by knots, weights and control points.
    An ordinary (single holed) torus.