Package com.jme3.scene

package com.jme3.scene
  • Class
    The AssetLinkNode does not store its children when exported to file.
    BatchNode holds geometries that are a batched version of all the geometries that are in its sub scenegraph.
    CameraNode simply uses CameraControl to implement linking of camera and node data.
    use com.jme3.scene.shape.CenterQuad
    CollisionData is an interface that can be used to do triangle-accurate collision with bounding volumes and rays.
    Geometry defines a leaf node of the scene graph.
    An abstract class for implementations that perform grouping of geometries via instancing or batching.
    Use a LightControl attached to a Node directly.
    Mesh is used to store rendering data.
    The mode of the Mesh specifies both the type of primitive represented by the mesh and how the data should be interpreted.
    Node defines an internal node of a scene graph.
    SceneGraphVisitorAdapter is used to traverse the scene graph tree.
    SceneGraphVisitorAdapter is used to traverse the scene graph tree.
    SimpleBatchNode comes with some restrictions, but can yield better performances.
    Spatial defines the base class for scene graph nodes.
    Specifies if this spatial should be batched
    Specifies how frustum culling should be handled by this spatial.
    Specifies the mode of the depth first search.
    UserData is used to contain user data objects set on spatials (primarily primitives) that do not implement the Savable interface.
    A VertexBuffer contains a particular type of geometry data used by Meshes.
    Specifies format of the data stored in the buffer.
    Type of buffer.
    The usage of the VertexBuffer, specifies how often the buffer is used.