Interface Control

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AbstractControl, AbstractPhysicsControl, AbstractPhysicsDebugControl, AnimComposer, AnimControl, BetterCharacterControl, BillboardControl, BulletCharacterDebugControl, BulletGhostObjectDebugControl, BulletJointDebugControl, BulletRigidBodyDebugControl, BulletVehicleDebugControl, CameraControl, CharacterControl, ChaseCamera, DacConfiguration, DacLinks, DynamicAnimControl, EffectTrack.KillParticleControl, GhostControl, KinematicRagdollControl, LightControl, LodControl, MorphControl, MotionEvent, MotionTrack, MultiTerrainLodControl, NormalRecalcControl, ParticleEmitter.ParticleEmitterControl, RigidBodyControl, SkeletonControl, SkinningControl, StatsView, TerrainGridLodControl, TerrainLodControl, UpdateControl, VehicleControl

public interface Control extends Savable
An interface for scene-graph controls.

Controls are used to specify certain update and render logic for a Spatial.

  • Method Details

    • cloneForSpatial

      @Deprecated Control cloneForSpatial(Spatial spatial)
      Creates a clone of the Control, the given Spatial is the cloned version of the spatial to which this control is attached to.
      spatial - the Spatial to be controlled by the clone
      A clone of this control for the spatial
    • setSpatial

      void setSpatial(Spatial spatial)
      spatial - the spatial to be controlled. This should not be called from user code.
    • update

      void update(float tpf)
      Updates the control. This should not be called from user code.
      tpf - Time per frame.
    • render

      void render(RenderManager rm, ViewPort vp)
      Should be called prior to queuing the spatial by the RenderManager. This should not be called from user code.
      rm - the caller (not null)
      vp - the relevant ViewPort (not null)