Interface ParticleInfluencer

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, JmeCloneable, Savable
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultParticleInfluencer, EmptyParticleInfluencer, NewtonianParticleInfluencer, RadialParticleInfluencer

public interface ParticleInfluencer extends Savable, Cloneable, JmeCloneable
An interface that defines the methods to affect initial velocity of the particles.
  • Method Details

    • influenceParticle

      void influenceParticle(Particle particle, EmitterShape emitterShape)
      This method influences the particle.
      particle - particle to be influenced
      emitterShape - the shape of its emitter
    • clone

      This method clones the influencer instance.
      cloned instance
    • setInitialVelocity

      void setInitialVelocity(Vector3f initialVelocity)
      initialVelocity - Set the initial velocity a particle is spawned with, the initial velocity given in the parameter will be varied according to the velocity variation set in ParticleEmitter.setVelocityVariation(float). The particle will move with this velocity unless it is affected by gravity.
    • getInitialVelocity

      Vector3f getInitialVelocity()
      This method returns the initial velocity.
      the initial velocity
    • setVelocityVariation

      void setVelocityVariation(float variation)
      variation - Set the variation by which the initial velocity of the particle is determined. variation should be a value from 0 to 1, where 0 means particles are to spawn with exactly the velocity given in ParticleEmitter.setInitialVelocity(com.jme3.math.Vector3f), and 1 means particles are to spawn with a completely random velocity.
    • getVelocityVariation

      float getVelocityVariation()
      This method returns the velocity variation.
      the velocity variation