standard special-effects filters
  • Class
    BloomFilter is used to make objects in the scene have a glow effect.
    There are 2 mode : Scene and Objects.
    Scene mode extracts the bright parts of the scene to make them glow
    Object mode makes objects glow according to their material's glowMap or their GlowColor
    See advanced:bloom_and_glow for more details
    GlowMode specifies if the glow will be applied to the whole scene or to objects that have a glow color or a glow map
    Applies a cartoon-style edge detection filter to all objects in the scene.
    This filter simply multiply the whole scene by a color
    This filter composes a texture with the viewport texture.
    A filter to adjust the colors of a rendered scene by normalizing each color channel to a specified range, applying a power law, and scaling the output.
    A Post Processing filter that makes the screen look like it was drawn as diagonal lines with a pen.
    A post-processing filter that performs a depth range blur using a scaled convolution filter.
    Fade Filter allows you to make an animated fade effect on a scene.
    A filter to render a fog effect
    use the Gamma Correction setting instead.
    LightScattering filters create rays coming from light sources This is often referred to as god rays.
    A Post Processing filter to change colors appear with sharp edges as if the available amount of colors available was not enough to draw the true image.
    Radially blurs the scene from the center of it
    Tone-mapping filter that uses filmic curve.
    A filter to handle translucent objects when rendering a scene with filters that uses depth like WaterFilter and SSAOFilter just create a TranslucentBucketFilter and add it to the Filter list of a FilterPostProcessor