Class ShaderGenerationInfo

All Implemented Interfaces:
Savable, Cloneable

public class ShaderGenerationInfo extends Object implements Savable, Cloneable
This class is basically a struct that contains the ShaderNodes information in an appropriate way to ease the shader generation process and make it faster.
  • Field Details

    • attributes

      protected List<ShaderNodeVariable> attributes
      the list of attributes of the vertex shader
    • vertexUniforms

      protected List<ShaderNodeVariable> vertexUniforms
      the list of all the uniforms to declare in the vertex shader
    • vertexGlobal

      protected ShaderNodeVariable vertexGlobal
      the global output of the vertex shader (to assign ot gl_Position)
    • varyings

      protected List<ShaderNodeVariable> varyings
      the list of varyings
    • fragmentUniforms

      protected List<ShaderNodeVariable> fragmentUniforms
      the list of all the uniforms to declare in the fragment shader
    • fragmentGlobals

      protected List<ShaderNodeVariable> fragmentGlobals
      the list of all the fragment shader global outputs (to assign ot gl_FragColor or gl_Fragdata[n])
    • unusedNodes

      protected List<String> unusedNodes
      the unused node names of this shader (node whose output are never used)
  • Constructor Details

    • ShaderGenerationInfo

      public ShaderGenerationInfo()
  • Method Details