Interface AssetProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
CloneableAssetProcessor, MaterialProcessor, TextureProcessor

public interface AssetProcessor
AssetProcessor is used to apply processing to assets after they have been loaded. They are assigned to a particular asset type (which is represented by a Class) and any assets loaded that are of that class will be processed by the assigned processor.
  • Method Details

    • postProcess

      Object postProcess(AssetKey key, Object obj)
      Applies post-processing to an asset. The method may return an object that is not the same instance as the parameter object, and it could be from a different class.
      key - the key used to load the asset
      obj - The asset that was loaded from an AssetLoader.
      Either the same object with processing applied, or an instance of a new object.
    • createClone

      Object createClone(Object obj)
      Creates a clone of the given asset. If no clone is desired, then the same instance can be returned, otherwise, a clone should be created. For example, a clone of a Material should have its own set of unique parameters that can be changed just for that instance, but it may share certain other data if it sees fit (like the Shader).
      obj - The asset to clone
      The cloned asset, or the same as the given argument if no clone is needed.