Package com.jme3.renderer

package com.jme3.renderer
  • Class
    A standalone, purely mathematical class for doing camera-related computations.
    The result of a culling check operation.
    Specifies a capability that the Renderer supports.
    A specialized data-structure used to optimize state changes of "slot" based state.
    Allows querying the limits of certain features in Renderer.
    Represents the current state of the graphics library.
    Responsible for taking rendering commands and executing them on the underlying video hardware.
    Raised when a renderer encounters a fatal rendering error.
    A high-level rendering interface that is above the Renderer implementation.
    Allows tracking of real-time rendering statistics.
    A checked exception, to be thrown (in place of an IndexOutOfBoundsException) when a non-existent texture unit is assigned.
    Represents a view inside the display window or a FrameBuffer to which scenes will be rendered.