• Class
    A Cartoon Screen Space Ambient Occlusion filter with instance rendering capabilities.
    Filters are 2D effects applied to the rendered scene.
    The filter is fed with the rendered scene image rendered in an offscreen frame buffer.
    This texture is applied on a full-screen quad with a special material.
    This material uses a shader that applies the desired effect to the scene texture.

    This class is abstract, any Filter must extend it.
    Any filter holds a frameBuffer and a texture
    The getMaterial must return a Material that use a GLSL shader implementing the desired effect
    A FilterPostProcessor is a processor that can apply several Filters to a rendered scene
    It manages a list of filters that will be applied in the order in which they've been added to the list
    use the ToneMappingFilter.
    Processor that lays depth first, this can improve performance in complex scenes.
    Pre normal caching class.
    Scene processors are used to compute/render things before and after the classic render of the scene.