Class ParticleMesh

All Implemented Interfaces:
Savable, JmeCloneable, Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
ParticlePointMesh, ParticleTriMesh

public abstract class ParticleMesh extends Mesh
The ParticleMesh is the underlying visual implementation of a particle emitter.
  • Constructor Details

    • ParticleMesh

      public ParticleMesh()
  • Method Details

    • initParticleData

      public abstract void initParticleData(ParticleEmitter emitter, int numParticles)
      Initialize mesh data.
      emitter - The emitter which will use this ParticleMesh.
      numParticles - The maximum number of particles to simulate
    • setImagesXY

      public abstract void setImagesXY(int imagesX, int imagesY)
      Set the images on the X and Y coordinates
      imagesX - Images on the X coordinate
      imagesY - Images on the Y coordinate
    • updateParticleData

      public abstract void updateParticleData(Particle[] particles, Camera cam, Matrix3f inverseRotation)
      Update the particle visual data. Typically called every frame.
      particles - the particles to update
      cam - the camera to use for billboarding
      inverseRotation - the inverse rotation matrix