Class AnimEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
CinematicEvent, Savable

public class AnimEvent extends AbstractCinematicEvent
A CinematicEvent that plays a canned animation action in an AnimComposer. Inspired by Nehon's AnimationEvent.
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    • logger

      public static final Logger logger
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    • AnimEvent

      public AnimEvent(AnimComposer composer, String actionName, String layerName)
      Instantiate a non-looping event to play the named action on the named layer of the specified AnimComposer.
      composer - the Control that will play the animation (not null)
      actionName - the name of the animation action to be played
      layerName - the name of the animation layer on which the action will be played
    • AnimEvent

      protected AnimEvent()
      No-argument constructor needed by SavableClassUtil.
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