Package com.jme3.anim

package com.jme3.anim
central classes of the "new" animation system (the one using AnimComposer and tweens)
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    Created by Nehon An AnimationMask is defining a subset of elements on which an animation will be applied.
    A named set of animation tracks that can be played in synchrony.
    AnimComposer is a Spatial control that allows manipulation of armature (skeletal) animation.
    A convenience class to smoothly animate a Spatial using translation, rotation, and scaling.
    A named portion of an AnimComposer that can run (at most) one Action at a time.
    Interface to derive animation data from a track.
    Created by Nehon on 15/12/2017.
    An AnimationMask to select joints from a single Armature.
    A Joint is the basic component of an armature designed to perform skeletal animation Created by Nehon on 15/12/2017.
    This JointModelTransform implementation accumulate joints transforms in a Matrix4f to properly support non uniform scaling in an armature hierarchy
    A control that handle morph animation for Position, Normal and Tangent buffers.
    Contains a list of weights and times for each keyframe.
    This JointModelTransform implementation accumulates model transform in a Transform class This does NOT support proper nonuniform scale in the armature hierarchy.
    The Skinning control deforms a model according to an armature, It handles the computation of the deformation matrices and performs the transformations on the mesh
    An AnimTrack that transforms a Joint or Spatial using a list of transforms and times for keyframes.