Class ImageToAwt


public class ImageToAwt extends Object
  • Method Details

    • convert

      public static void convert(BufferedImage image, Image.Format format, ByteBuffer buf)
      Convert an AWT image to jME image. XXX not implemented yet!
      image - the input image (not null, unaffected)
      format - the data format
      buf - the output buffer (not null, modified)
    • createData

      public static void createData(Image image, boolean mipmaps)
    • convert

      public static void convert(Image input, Image output)
      Convert the image from the given format to the output format. It is assumed that both images have buffers with the appropriate number of elements and that both have the same dimensions.
      input - the input image (not null, unaffected)
      output - the output image (not null, modified)
    • convert

      public static BufferedImage convert(Image image, boolean do16bit, boolean fullAlpha, int mipLevel)