Class MikktspaceTangentGenerator


public class MikktspaceTangentGenerator extends Object
This tangent generator is highly experimental. This is the Java translation of the mikktspace generator made by Morten S. Mikkelsen C Source code can be found here Mikktspace looks like the new standard of tangent generation in 3-D software. Xnormal, Blender, Substance painter, and many more use it. Usage is : MikktspaceTangentGenerator.generate(spatial);
  • Method Details

    • generate

      public static void generate(Spatial s)
    • genTangSpaceDefault

      public static boolean genTangSpaceDefault(MikkTSpaceContext mikkTSpace)
    • genTangSpace

      public static boolean genTangSpace(MikkTSpaceContext mikkTSpace, float angularThreshold)