Interface NeighbourFinder

public interface NeighbourFinder
Used for TerrainQuad to find neighbours that are not part of the same quad tree. Normally TerrainQuads function in a quad tree and use the neighbour methods getRightQuad, getLeftQuad etc. to update LOD values of the terrain (and for some other routines). With this you can have a parent, control or spatial, that manages a group of TerrainQuads by linking them together through these four methods. The general orientation of TerrainQuads and their sub-quads is as such: +-- x+ ----> | | 1 | 3 (quadrants) z+ --+-- | 2 | 4 | \/ Your implementation will still have to manage getHeight, getNormal, and most other interface methods; often by offsetting the XZ coordinate parameters.
  • Method Details

    • getRightQuad

      TerrainQuad getRightQuad(TerrainQuad center)
      Get the TerrainQuad to the right of the supplied 'center' quad.
    • getLeftQuad

      TerrainQuad getLeftQuad(TerrainQuad center)
      Get the TerrainQuad to the left of the supplied 'center' quad.
    • getTopQuad

      TerrainQuad getTopQuad(TerrainQuad center)
      Get the TerrainQuad above the supplied 'center' quad.
    • getDownQuad

      TerrainQuad getDownQuad(TerrainQuad center)
      Get the TerrainQuad below the supplied 'center' quad.