Class UniformBindingManager


public class UniformBindingManager extends Object
UniformBindingManager helps RenderManager to manage uniform bindings. The updateUniformBindings(com.jme3.shader.Shader) method will update a given list of uniforms based on the current state of the manager.
  • Constructor Details

    • UniformBindingManager

      public UniformBindingManager()
  • Method Details

    • updateUniformBindings

      public void updateUniformBindings(Shader shader)
      Internal use only. Updates the given list of uniforms with uniform bindings based on the current world state.
      shader - (not null)
    • setWorldMatrix

      public void setWorldMatrix(Matrix4f mat)
      Internal use only. Sets the world matrix to use for future rendering. This has no effect unless objects are rendered manually using Material.render(com.jme3.scene.Geometry, com.jme3.renderer.RenderManager).
      mat - The world matrix to set
    • setTimer

      public void setTimer(Timer timer)
      Set the timer that should be used to query the time based UniformBindings for material world parameters.
      timer - The timer to query time world parameters
    • setCamera

      public void setCamera(Camera cam, Matrix4f viewMatrix, Matrix4f projMatrix, Matrix4f viewProjMatrix)
    • setViewPort

      public void setViewPort(int viewX, int viewY, int viewWidth, int viewHeight)
    • newFrame

      public void newFrame()
      Internal use only. Called by the RenderManager at the beginning of a new application frame.