Class Glsl300ShaderGenerator

public class Glsl300ShaderGenerator extends Glsl150ShaderGenerator
This shader Generator can generate Vertex and Fragment shaders from ShaderNodes for GLESSL 3.0 Nowadays it's just a subclass of Glsl150ShaderGenerator overriding the version string because GLSL 1.5 is mostly compatible with GLESSL 3.0
  • Constructor Details

    • Glsl300ShaderGenerator

      public Glsl300ShaderGenerator(AssetManager assetManager)
      Creates a Glsl300ShaderGenerator
      assetManager - the assetmanager
  • Method Details

    • getLanguageAndVersion

      protected String getLanguageAndVersion(Shader.ShaderType type)
      Description copied from class: ShaderGenerator
      returns the language + version of the shader should be something like "GLSL100" for glsl 1.0 "GLSL150" for glsl 1.5.
      getLanguageAndVersion in class Glsl150ShaderGenerator
      type - the shader type for which the version should be returned.
      the shaderLanguage and version.