Class UserData

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public final class UserData extends Object implements Savable
UserData is used to contain user data objects set on spatials (primarily primitives) that do not implement the Savable interface. Note that attempting to export any models which have non-savable objects attached to them will fail.
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      public static final String JME_PHYSICSIGNORE
      Boolean type on Geometries to indicate that physics collision shape generation should ignore them.
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      public static final String JME_SHAREDMESH
      For geometries using shared mesh, this will specify the shared mesh reference.
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    • type

      protected byte type
    • value

      protected Object value
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    • UserData

      public UserData()
    • UserData

      public UserData(byte type, Object value)
      Creates a new UserData with the given type and value.
      type - Type of data, should be between 0 and 8.
      value - Value of the data
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