Class JmeIosGLES


public class JmeIosGLES extends Object
The iOS GLES interface iOS alternative to Android's GLES20 and GLES30 classes
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  • Method Details

    • glActiveTexture

      public static void glActiveTexture(int texture)
    • glAttachShader

      public static void glAttachShader(int program, int shader)
    • glBindBuffer

      public static void glBindBuffer(int target, int buffer)
    • glBindFramebuffer

      public static void glBindFramebuffer(int target, int framebuffer)
    • glBindRenderbuffer

      public static void glBindRenderbuffer(int target, int renderbuffer)
    • glBindTexture

      public static void glBindTexture(int target, int texture)
    • glBlendEquationSeparate

      public static void glBlendEquationSeparate(int colorMode, int alphaMode)
    • glBlendFunc

      public static void glBlendFunc(int sfactor, int dfactor)
    • glBlendFuncSeparate

      public static void glBlendFuncSeparate(int sfactorRGB, int dfactorRGB, int sfactorAlpha, int dfactorAlpha)
    • glBufferData

      public static void glBufferData(int target, int size, Buffer data, int usage)
    • glBufferData2

      public static void glBufferData2(int target, int size, byte[] data, int offset, int usage)
    • glBufferSubData

      public static void glBufferSubData(int target, int offset, int size, Buffer data)
    • glBufferSubData2

      public static void glBufferSubData2(int target, int offset, int size, byte[] data, int dataoffset)
    • glCheckFramebufferStatus

      public static int glCheckFramebufferStatus(int target)
    • glClear

      public static void glClear(int mask)
    • glClearColor

      public static void glClearColor(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha)
    • glColorMask

      public static void glColorMask(boolean red, boolean green, boolean blue, boolean alpha)
    • glCompileShader

      public static void glCompileShader(int shader)
    • glCompressedTexImage2D

      public static void glCompressedTexImage2D(int target, int level, int internalformat, int width, int height, int border, int imageSize, Buffer pixels)
    • glCompressedTexSubImage2D

      public static void glCompressedTexSubImage2D(int target, int level, int xoffset, int yoffset, int width, int height, int format, int imageSize, Buffer pixels)
    • glCreateProgram

      public static int glCreateProgram()
    • glCreateShader

      public static int glCreateShader(int type)
    • glCullFace

      public static void glCullFace(int mode)
    • glDeleteBuffers

      public static void glDeleteBuffers(int n, int[] buffers, int offset)
    • glDeleteFramebuffers

      public static void glDeleteFramebuffers(int n, int[] framebuffers, int offset)
    • glDeleteProgram

      public static void glDeleteProgram(int program)
    • glDeleteRenderbuffers

      public static void glDeleteRenderbuffers(int n, int[] renderbuffers, int offset)
    • glDeleteShader

      public static void glDeleteShader(int shader)
    • glDeleteTextures

      public static void glDeleteTextures(int n, int[] textures, int offset)
    • glDepthFunc

      public static void glDepthFunc(int func)
    • glDepthMask

      public static void glDepthMask(boolean flag)
    • glDepthRangef

      public static void glDepthRangef(float zNear, float zFar)
    • glDetachShader

      public static void glDetachShader(int program, int shader)
    • glDisableVertexAttribArray

      public static void glDisableVertexAttribArray(int index)
    • glDisable

      public static void glDisable(int cap)
    • glDrawArrays

      public static void glDrawArrays(int mode, int first, int count)
    • glDrawElements

      public static void glDrawElements(int mode, int count, int type, Buffer indices)
    • glDrawElements2

      public static void glDrawElements2(int mode, int count, int type, byte[] indices, int offset)
    • glDrawElementsIndex

      public static void glDrawElementsIndex(int mode, int count, int type, int offset)
    • glEnable

      public static void glEnable(int cap)
    • glEnableVertexAttribArray

      public static void glEnableVertexAttribArray(int index)
    • glFramebufferRenderbuffer

      public static void glFramebufferRenderbuffer(int target, int attachment, int renderbuffertarget, int renderbuffer)
    • glFramebufferTexture2D

      public static void glFramebufferTexture2D(int target, int attachment, int textarget, int texture, int level)
    • glGenBuffers

      public static void glGenBuffers(int n, int[] buffers, int offset)
    • glGenFramebuffers

      public static void glGenFramebuffers(int n, int[] framebuffers, int offset)
    • glGenRenderbuffers

      public static void glGenRenderbuffers(int n, int[] renderbuffers, int offset)
    • glGenTextures

      public static void glGenTextures(int n, int[] textures, int offset)
    • glGenerateMipmap

      public static void glGenerateMipmap(int target)
    • glGetAttribLocation

      public static int glGetAttribLocation(int program, String name)
    • glGetBoolean

      public static void glGetBoolean(int pname, ByteBuffer params)
    • glGetError

      public static int glGetError()
    • glGetFloatv

      public static void glGetFloatv(int pname, float[] params, int offset)
    • glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv

      public static void glGetFramebufferAttachmentParameteriv(int target, int attachment, int pname, int[] params, int offset)
    • glGetIntegerv

      public static void glGetIntegerv(int pname, int[] params, int offset)
    • glGetProgramInfoLog

      public static String glGetProgramInfoLog(int program)
    • glGetProgramiv

      public static void glGetProgramiv(int program, int pname, int[] params, int offset)
    • glGetShaderInfoLog

      public static String glGetShaderInfoLog(int shader)
    • glGetShaderiv

      public static void glGetShaderiv(int shader, int pname, int[] params, int offset)
    • glGetString

      public static String glGetString(int name)
    • glGetUniformLocation

      public static int glGetUniformLocation(int program, String name)
    • glIsEnabled

      public static boolean glIsEnabled(int cap)
    • glIsFramebuffer

      public static boolean glIsFramebuffer(int framebuffer)
    • glIsRenderbuffer

      public static boolean glIsRenderbuffer(int renderbuffer)
    • glLineWidth

      public static void glLineWidth(float width)
    • glLinkProgram

      public static void glLinkProgram(int program)
    • glPixelStorei

      public static void glPixelStorei(int pname, int param)
    • glPolygonOffset

      public static void glPolygonOffset(float factor, float units)
    • glReadPixels

      public static void glReadPixels(int vpX, int vpY, int vpW, int vpH, int format, int type, Buffer pixels)
    • glReadPixels2

      public static void glReadPixels2(int vpX, int vpY, int vpW, int vpH, int format, int type, byte[] pixels, int offset, int size)
    • glRenderbufferStorage

      public static void glRenderbufferStorage(int target, int internalformat, int width, int height)
    • glScissor

      public static void glScissor(int x, int y, int width, int height)
    • glShaderSource

      public static void glShaderSource(int shader, String string)
    • glStencilFuncSeparate

      public static void glStencilFuncSeparate(int face, int func, int ref, int mask)
    • glStencilOpSeparate

      public static void glStencilOpSeparate(int face, int sfail, int dpfail, int dppass)
    • glTexImage2D

      public static void glTexImage2D(int target, int level, int internalformat, int width, int height, int border, int format, int type, Buffer pixels)
    • glTexParameteri

      public static void glTexParameteri(int target, int pname, int param)
    • glTexParameterf

      public static void glTexParameterf(int target, int pname, float param)
    • glTexSubImage2D

      public static void glTexSubImage2D(int target, int level, int xoffset, int yoffset, int width, int height, int format, int type, Buffer pixels)
    • glUniform1f

      public static void glUniform1f(int location, float x)
    • glUniform1fv

      public static void glUniform1fv(int location, int count, FloatBuffer v)
    • glUniform1fv2

      public static void glUniform1fv2(int location, int count, float[] v, int offset)
    • glUniform1i

      public static void glUniform1i(int location, int x)
    • glUniform1iv

      public static void glUniform1iv(int location, int count, IntBuffer v)
    • glUniform1iv2

      public static void glUniform1iv2(int location, int count, int[] v, int offset)
    • glUniform2f

      public static void glUniform2f(int location, float x, float y)
    • glUniform2fv

      public static void glUniform2fv(int location, int count, FloatBuffer v)
    • glUniform2fv2

      public static void glUniform2fv2(int location, int count, float[] v, int offset)
    • glUniform3f

      public static void glUniform3f(int location, float x, float y, float z)
    • glUniform3fv

      public static void glUniform3fv(int location, int count, FloatBuffer v)
    • glUniform3fv2

      public static void glUniform3fv2(int location, int count, float[] v, int offset)
    • glUniform4f

      public static void glUniform4f(int location, float x, float y, float z, float w)
    • glUniform4fv

      public static void glUniform4fv(int location, int count, FloatBuffer v)
    • glUniform4fv2

      public static void glUniform4fv2(int location, int count, float[] v, int offset)
    • glUniformMatrix3fv

      public static void glUniformMatrix3fv(int location, int count, boolean transpose, FloatBuffer value)
    • glUniformMatrix3fv2

      public static void glUniformMatrix3fv2(int location, int count, boolean transpose, float[] value, int offset)
    • glUniformMatrix4fv

      public static void glUniformMatrix4fv(int location, int count, boolean transpose, FloatBuffer value)
    • glUniformMatrix4fv2

      public static void glUniformMatrix4fv2(int location, int count, boolean transpose, float[] value, int offset)
    • glUseProgram

      public static void glUseProgram(int program)
    • glVertexAttribPointer

      public static void glVertexAttribPointer(int indx, int size, int type, boolean normalized, int stride, Buffer ptr)
    • glVertexAttribPointer2

      public static void glVertexAttribPointer2(int indx, int size, int type, boolean normalized, int stride, int offset)
    • glViewport

      public static void glViewport(int x, int y, int width, int height)
    • glBeginQuery

      public static void glBeginQuery(int target, int query)
    • glEndQuery

      public static void glEndQuery(int target)
    • glGenQueries

      public static void glGenQueries(int num, IntBuffer buff)
    • glGetQueryObjectuiv

      public static void glGetQueryObjectuiv(int query, int pname, int[] params)
    • glGetQueryiv

      public static void glGetQueryiv(int query, int pname, int[] params)
    • glBlitFramebuffer

      public static void glBlitFramebuffer(int srcX0, int srcY0, int srcX1, int srcY1, int dstX0, int dstY0, int dstX1, int dstY1, int mask, int filter)
    • glDrawArraysInstanced

      public static void glDrawArraysInstanced(int mode, int first, int count, int primcount)
    • glDrawBuffers

      public static void glDrawBuffers(int size, IntBuffer data)
    • glDrawElementsInstanced

      public static void glDrawElementsInstanced(int mode, int indices_count, int type, long indices_buffer_offset, int primcount)
    • glVertexAttribDivisor

      public static void glVertexAttribDivisor(int index, int divisor)
    • glFramebufferTextureLayer

      public static void glFramebufferTextureLayer(int target, int attachment, int texture, int level, int layer)
    • glReadBuffer

      public static void glReadBuffer(int mode)
    • glCompressedTexImage3D

      public static void glCompressedTexImage3D(int target, int level, int internalFormat, int width, int height, int depth, int border, int size, ByteBuffer data)
    • glCompressedTexSubImage3D

      public static void glCompressedTexSubImage3D(int target, int level, int xoffset, int yoffset, int zoffset, int width, int height, int depth, int format, int size, ByteBuffer data)
    • glTexImage3D

      public static void glTexImage3D(int target, int level, int internalFormat, int width, int height, int depth, int border, int format, int type, ByteBuffer data)
    • glTexSubImage3D

      public static void glTexSubImage3D(int target, int level, int xoffset, int yoffset, int zoffset, int width, int height, int depth, int format, int type, ByteBuffer data)
    • checkGLError

      public static void checkGLError()