Class FXAAFilter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FXAAFilter extends Filter
  • Constructor Details

    • FXAAFilter

      public FXAAFilter()
  • Method Details

    • initFilter

      protected void initFilter(AssetManager manager, RenderManager renderManager, ViewPort vp, int w, int h)
      Description copied from class: Filter
      Initialization of filter subclasses. This method is called once when the filter is added to the FilterPostProcessor It should contain Material initializations and extra passes initialization
      Specified by:
      initFilter in class Filter
      manager - the assetManager
      renderManager - the renderManager
      vp - the viewPort where this filter is rendered
      w - the width of the filter
      h - the height of the filter
    • getMaterial

      protected Material getMaterial()
      Description copied from class: Filter
      Must return the material used for this filter. this method is called every frame.
      Specified by:
      getMaterial in class Filter
      the material used for this filter.
    • isRequiresBilinear

      protected boolean isRequiresBilinear()
      Description copied from class: Filter
      Override this method and return true if you want the scene (input) texture to use bilinear filtering or false to use nearest filtering. Typically, filters that perform samples in between pixels should enable bilinear filtering.
      isRequiresBilinear in class Filter
      true to use linear filtering, false to use nearest filtering.
    • setSpanMax

      public void setSpanMax(float spanMax)
    • setSubPixelShift

      public void setSubPixelShift(float subPixelShift)
      set to 0.0f for higher quality
      subPixelShift - the desired shift (default=0.25)
    • setReduceMul

      public void setReduceMul(float reduceMul)
      set to 0.0f for higher quality
      reduceMul - the desired value (default=0.125)
    • setVxOffset

      public void setVxOffset(float vxOffset)
    • getReduceMul

      public float getReduceMul()
    • getSpanMax

      public float getSpanMax()
    • getSubPixelShift

      public float getSubPixelShift()
    • getVxOffset

      public float getVxOffset()