Class TouchEventPool


public class TouchEventPool extends Object
TouchEventPool provides a RingBuffer of jME TouchEvents to help with garbage collection on Android. Each TouchEvent is stored in the RingBuffer and is reused if the TouchEvent has been consumed. If a TouchEvent has not been consumed, it is placed back into the pool at the end for later use. If a TouchEvent has been consumed, it is reused to avoid creating lots of little objects. If the pool is full of unconsumed events, then a new event is created and provided.
  • Constructor Details

    • TouchEventPool

      public TouchEventPool(int maxEvents)
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize()
    • destroy

      public void destroy()
    • getNextFreeEvent

      public TouchEvent getNextFreeEvent()
      Fetches a touch event from the reuse pool
      a usable TouchEvent
    • storeEvent

      public void storeEvent(TouchEvent event)
      Stores the TouchEvent back in the pool for later reuse. It is only reused if the TouchEvent has been consumed.
      event - TouchEvent to store for later use if consumed.