Class LightProbeFactory


public class LightProbeFactory extends Object
Creates LightProbes within a scene, given an EnvironmentCamera. Since this process can take a long time, you can provide a JobProgressListener that will be notified of the ongoing generation process when calling the makeProbe method. The process is as follows: 1. Create an EnvironmentCamera 2. give it a position in the scene 3. call makeProbe(com.jme3.environment.EnvironmentCamera, com.jme3.scene.Spatial) 4. add the created LightProbe to a node with the Spatial.addLight(com.jme3.light.Light) method. Optionally for step 3 call makeProbe(com.jme3.environment.EnvironmentCamera, com.jme3.scene.Spatial, com.jme3.environment.generation.JobProgressListener) with a JobProgressListener to be notified of the progress of the generation process. The generation will be split in several threads for faster generation. This class is entirely thread safe and can be called from any thread. Note that in case you are using a JobProgressListener, all its methods will be called inside an app.enqueue callable. This means that it's completely safe to modify the scenegraph within the Listener method, but also means that the event will be delayed until next update loop.
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