Package com.jme3.bullet.animation

package com.jme3.bullet.animation
A dynamic animation control and some associated classes.
  • Class
    Link an animated bone in a skeleton to a jointed rigid body in a ragdoll.
    Configure a DynamicAnimControl and access its configuration.
    Access a DynamicAnimControl at the PhysicsLink level once it's been added to a Spatial.
    Before adding this control to a spatial, configure it by invoking, float, com.jme3.bullet.animation.RangeOfMotion) for each bone that should have its own rigid body.
    Enumerate submodes for a link in kinematic mode.
    The abstract base class used by DynamicAnimControl to link pieces of a JME model to their corresponding collision objects in a ragdoll.
    Interface to receive notifications whenever a linked rigid body in a DynamicAnimControl collides with another physics object.
    Utility methods used by DynamicAnimControl and associated classes.
    Range of motion for a ragdoll joint.
    Link the torso of an animated model to a rigid body in a ragdoll.
    A simplified collection of Vector3f values without duplicates, implemented using a Collection.