Interface AssetLocator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AndroidLocator, ClasspathLocator, ContentTextureLocator, FileLocator, HttpZipLocator, UrlLocator, ZipLocator

public interface AssetLocator
AssetLocator is used to locate a resource based on an AssetKey.
  • Method Details

    • setRootPath

      void setRootPath(String rootPath)
      rootPath - The root path where to look for assets. Typically, this method will only be called once for each instance of an asset locator.
    • locate

      AssetInfo locate(AssetManager manager, AssetKey key)
      Request to locate an asset. The asset key contains a name identifying the asset. If an asset was not found, null should be returned. The AssetInfo implementation provided should have a proper return value for its AssetInfo.openStream() method.
      manager - for managing assets
      key - identifies the asset to be located
      The AssetInfo that was located, or null if not found.