Class ByteOffsetImageCodec


public class ByteOffsetImageCodec extends Object
  • Field Details

    • FLAG_F16

      public static final int FLAG_F16
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    • FLAG_F32

      public static final int FLAG_F32
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      public static final int FLAG_GRAY
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    • bpp

      protected final int bpp
    • type

      protected final int type
    • maxAlpha

      protected final int maxAlpha
    • maxRed

      protected final int maxRed
    • maxGreen

      protected final int maxGreen
    • maxBlue

      protected final int maxBlue
    • isGray

      protected final boolean isGray
  • Constructor Details

    • ByteOffsetImageCodec

      public ByteOffsetImageCodec(int bpp, int flags, int alphaPos, int redPos, int greenPos, int bluePos)
  • Method Details

    • readComponents

      public void readComponents(ByteBuffer buf, int x, int y, int width, int offset, int[] components, byte[] tmp)
    • writeComponents

      public void writeComponents(ByteBuffer buf, int x, int y, int width, int offset, int[] components, byte[] tmp)
    • lookup

      public static com.jme3.texture.image.ImageCodec lookup(Image.Format format)
      Looks up the format in the codec registry. The codec will be able to decode the given format.
      format - The format to lookup.
      The codec capable of decoding it, or null if not found.