Class BresenhamYUpGridTracer


public class BresenhamYUpGridTracer extends Object
Works on the XZ plane, with positive Y as up.
  • Field Details

    • gridOrigin

      protected Vector3f gridOrigin
    • gridSpacing

      protected Vector3f gridSpacing
    • gridLocation

      protected Vector2f gridLocation
    • rayLocation

      protected Vector3f rayLocation
    • walkRay

      protected Ray walkRay
    • stepDirection

      protected BresenhamYUpGridTracer.Direction stepDirection
    • rayLength

      protected float rayLength

      protected static float TOLERANCE
  • Constructor Details

    • BresenhamYUpGridTracer

      public BresenhamYUpGridTracer()
  • Method Details

    • startWalk

      public void startWalk(Ray walkRay)
    • next

      public void next()
    • getLastStepDirection

      public BresenhamYUpGridTracer.Direction getLastStepDirection()
    • isRayPerpendicularToGrid

      public boolean isRayPerpendicularToGrid()
    • getGridLocation

      public Vector2f getGridLocation()
    • getGridOrigin

      public Vector3f getGridOrigin()
    • getGridSpacing

      public Vector3f getGridSpacing()
    • setGridLocation

      public void setGridLocation(Vector2f gridLocation)
    • setGridOrigin

      public void setGridOrigin(Vector3f gridOrigin)
    • setGridSpacing

      public void setGridSpacing(Vector3f gridSpacing)