Class Kernel.LocalMemPerElement

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public static final class Kernel.LocalMemPerElement extends Object
A placeholder for a kernel argument representing local kernel memory per thread. This effectively computes SharedMemoryPerElement * WorkGroupSize and uses this value as the size of shared memory available in the kernel. Therefore, an instance of this class must be set as an argument AFTER the work group size has been specified. This is ensured by Kernel.Run2(com.jme3.opencl.CommandQueue, com.jme3.opencl.Kernel.WorkSize, com.jme3.opencl.Kernel.WorkSize, java.lang.Object...). This argument can't be used when no work group size was defined explicitly (e.g. by Kernel.setWorkGroupSizeToNull() or Kernel.Run1(com.jme3.opencl.CommandQueue, com.jme3.opencl.Kernel.WorkSize, java.lang.Object...)).
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    • LocalMemPerElement

      public LocalMemPerElement(int size)
      Creates a new LocalMemPerElement instance
      size - the number of bytes available for each thread within a work group
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