Interface HostedConnection

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public interface HostedConnection extends MessageConnection
This is the connection back to a client that is being hosted in a server instance.
  • Method Details

    • getServer

      Server getServer()
      Returns the Server instance that is hosting this connection.
    • getId

      int getId()
      Returns the server-unique ID for this client.
    • getAddress

      String getAddress()
      Returns the transport specific remote address of this connection as a string. This may or may not be unique per connection depending on the type of transport. It is provided for information and filtering purposes.
    • close

      void close(String reason)
      Closes and removes this connection from the server sending the optional reason to the remote client.
    • setAttribute

      Object setAttribute(String name, Object value)
      Sets a session attribute specific to this connection. If the value is set to null then the attribute is removed.
      The previous session value for this key or null if there was no previous value.
    • getAttribute

      <T> T getAttribute(String name)
      Retrieves a previously stored session attribute or null if no such attribute exists.
    • attributeNames

      Set<String> attributeNames()
      Returns a read-only set of attribute names currently stored for this client session.