Package com.jme3.math

Class Easing


public class Easing extends Object
Expose several Easing function from Robert Penner Created by Nehon on 26/03/2017.
  • Field Details

    • constant

      public static EaseFunction constant
      a function that always returns 0
    • linear

      public static EaseFunction linear
    • inQuad

      public static EaseFunction inQuad
      a function that returns the square of its input
    • inCubic

      public static EaseFunction inCubic
      a function that returns the cube of its input
    • inQuart

      public static EaseFunction inQuart
      a function that returns the 4th power of its input
    • inQuint

      public static EaseFunction inQuint
      a function that returns the 5th power of its input
    • outElastic

      public static EaseFunction outElastic
      Out Elastic and bounce
    • outBounce

      public static EaseFunction outBounce
      a function that starts quickly, then bounces several times
    • inElastic

      public static EaseFunction inElastic
      In Elastic and bounce
    • inBounce

      public static EaseFunction inBounce
      a function containing a series of increasing bounces
    • outQuad

      public static EaseFunction outQuad
    • outCubic

      public static EaseFunction outCubic
    • outQuart

      public static EaseFunction outQuart
    • outQuint

      public static EaseFunction outQuint
    • inOutQuad

      public static EaseFunction inOutQuad
    • inOutCubic

      public static EaseFunction inOutCubic
    • inOutQuart

      public static EaseFunction inOutQuart
    • inOutQuint

      public static EaseFunction inOutQuint
    • inOutElastic

      public static EaseFunction inOutElastic
    • inOutBounce

      public static EaseFunction inOutBounce
    • smoothStep

      public static EaseFunction smoothStep
      Extra functions
    • smootherStep

      public static EaseFunction smootherStep