user-input classes specific to Android devices
  • Classes
    AndroidGestureHandler uses Gesture type listeners to create jME TouchEvents for gestures.
    AndroidInput is the main class that connects the Android system inputs to jME.
    AndroidInputHandler14 extends AndroidInputHandler to add the onHover and onGenericMotion events that where added in Android rev 14 (Android 4.0).
    The onGenericMotion events are the main interface to Joystick axes.
    Main class that manages various joystick devices.
    AndroidJoyInput14 extends AndroidJoyInput to include support for physical joysticks/gamepads.
    Main class that creates and manages Android inputs for physical gamepads/joysticks.
    AndroidKeyMapping is just a utility to convert the Android keyCodes into jME KeyCodes so that events received in jME's KeyEvent will match between Desktop and Android.
    AndroidSensorJoyInput converts the Android Sensor system into Joystick events.
    AndroidTouchInput is the base class that receives touch inputs from the Android system and creates the TouchEvents for jME.
    AndroidTouchHandler14 extends AndroidTouchHandler to process the onHover events added in Android rev 14 (Android 4.0).
    TouchEventPool provides a RingBuffer of jME TouchEvents to help with garbage collection on Android.