Package com.jme3.bullet.joints

package com.jme3.bullet.joints
physics joints: join pairs of rigid bodies in order to constrain their relative motion
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    From bullet manual:
    To create ragdolls, the cone twist constraint is very useful for limbs like the upper arm.
    From bullet manual:
    Hinge constraint, or revolute joint restricts two additional angular degrees of freedom, so the body can only rotate around one axis, the hinge axis.
    PhysicsJoint - Basic Physics Joint
    From bullet manual:
    Point to point constraint, also known as ball socket joint limits the translation so that the local pivot points of 2 rigid bodies match in worldspace.
    From bullet manual:
    This generic constraint can emulate a variety of standard constraints, by configuring each of the 6 degrees of freedom (DOF).
    From bullet manual:
    The slider constraint allows the body to rotate around one axis and translate along this axis.