Interface AudioRenderer

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public interface AudioRenderer
Interface to be implemented by audio renderers.
  • Method Details

    • setListener

      void setListener(Listener listener)
      listener - The listener camera, all 3D sounds will be oriented around the listener.
    • setEnvironment

      void setEnvironment(Environment env)
      Sets the environment, used for reverb effects.
      env - The environment to set.
      See Also:
    • playSourceInstance

      void playSourceInstance(AudioSource src)
    • playSource

      void playSource(AudioSource src)
    • pauseSource

      void pauseSource(AudioSource src)
    • stopSource

      void stopSource(AudioSource src)
    • updateSourceParam

      void updateSourceParam(AudioSource src, AudioParam param)
    • updateListenerParam

      void updateListenerParam(Listener listener, ListenerParam param)
    • getSourcePlaybackTime

      float getSourcePlaybackTime(AudioSource src)
    • deleteFilter

      void deleteFilter(Filter filter)
    • deleteAudioData

      void deleteAudioData(AudioData ad)
    • initialize

      void initialize()
      Initializes the renderer. Should be the first method called before using the system.
    • update

      void update(float tpf)
      Update the audio system. Must be called periodically.
      tpf - Time per frame.
    • pauseAll

      void pauseAll()
      Pauses all Playing audio. To be used when the app is placed in the background.
    • resumeAll

      void resumeAll()
      Resumes all audio paused by pauseAll(). To be used when the app is brought back to the foreground.
    • cleanup

      void cleanup()
      Cleanup/destroy the audio system. Call this when app closes.