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    AndroidHarness wraps a jme application object and runs it on Android
    The Application interface represents the minimum exposed capabilities of a concrete jME3 application.
    AppTask is used in AppTaskQueue to manage tasks that have yet to be accomplished.
    An AppProfiler implementation that collects two per-frame application-wide timings for update versus render and uses it to create a bar chart style Mesh.
    Provides a basic profiling visualization that shows per-frame application-wide timings for update and rendering.
    This class is a camera controller that allow the camera to follow a target Spatial.
    Registers a few keys that will dump debug information to the console.
    An AppProfiler implementation that integrates the per-frame application-wide timings for update versus render into the Android systrace utility.
    Created by Nehon on 25/01/2017.
    Created by Nehon on 25/01/2017.
    Manages a FlyByCamera.
    The LegacyApplication class represents an instance of a real-time 3D rendering jME application.
    Defines the behavior of an application when it is not in focus or minimized.
    Resets (clearFrame()) the render's stats object every frame during AppState.render().
    SimpleApplication is the base class for all jME3 Applications.
    Displays stats in SimpleApplication's GUI node or using the node and font parameters provided.
    The StatsView provides a heads-up display (HUD) of various statistics of rendering.
    use VRAppState instead.
    VR application configuration parameters.
    A JMonkey app state dedicated to Virtual Reality.
    Some constants dedicated to the VR module.