Package checkers.quals

package checkers.quals
Contains the basic annotations to be used by all type systems and meta-annotations to qualify annotations (qualifiers). They may serve as documentation for the type qualifiers, and aid the Checker Framework to infer the relations between the type qualifiers. checker.framework.manual #writing-a-checker Writing a checker
  • Class
    Specifies the locations to which a DefaultQualifier annotation applies.
    Applied to a declaration of a package, type, method, variable, etc., specifies that the given annotation should be the default.
    Indicates that the annotated qualifier is the default qualifier in the qualifier hierarchy: it applies if the programmer writes no explicit qualifier.
    Specifies the annotations to be included in a type without having to provide them explicitly.
    Refines the qualified type of the annotated field or variable based on the qualified type of the receiver.
    A meta-annotation to specify all the qualifiers that the given qualifier is a subtype of.
    A meta-annotation indicating that the annotated annotation is a type qualifier.
    A special annotation intended solely for representing an unqualified type in the qualifier hierarchy, as an argument to SubtypeOf.value(), in the type qualifiers declarations.
    Declares that the field may not be accessed if the receiver is of the specified qualifier type (or any supertype).