Class TextureTransformExtensionLoader

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public class TextureTransformExtensionLoader extends Object implements ExtensionLoader
Thread-safe extension loader for KHR_texture_transform. It allows for UV coordinates to be scaled/rotated/translated based on transformation properties from textures in the glTF model. See spec at
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    • TextureTransformExtensionLoader

      public TextureTransformExtensionLoader()
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    • handleExtension

      public Object handleExtension(GltfLoader loader, String parentName, parent, extension, Object input) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: ExtensionLoader
      Handles a glTF extension.
      Specified by:
      handleExtension in interface ExtensionLoader
      loader - the GltfLoader with all the data structures
      parentName - the name of the element being read
      parent - the element being read
      extension - the content of the extension found in the element being read
      input - an object containing already loaded data from the element, probably a JME object
      An object of the same type as input, containing the data from the input object and the eventual additional data read from the extension
      IOException - for various error conditions