Class JmeSystemDelegate

Direct Known Subclasses:
JmeAndroidSystem, JmeDesktopSystem, JmeIosSystem

public abstract class JmeSystemDelegate extends Object
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • JmeSystemDelegate

      public JmeSystemDelegate()
  • Method Details

    • getStorageFolder

      public File getStorageFolder(JmeSystem.StorageFolderType type)
    • getFullName

      public String getFullName()
    • getResourceAsStream

      public InputStream getResourceAsStream(String name)
    • getResource

      public URL getResource(String name)
    • trackDirectMemory

      public boolean trackDirectMemory()
    • setLowPermissions

      public void setLowPermissions(boolean lowPerm)
    • isLowPermissions

      public boolean isLowPermissions()
    • setSoftTextDialogInput

      public void setSoftTextDialogInput(SoftTextDialogInput input)
    • getSoftTextDialogInput

      public SoftTextDialogInput getSoftTextDialogInput()
    • newAssetManager

      public final AssetManager newAssetManager(URL configFile)
    • newAssetManager

      public final AssetManager newAssetManager()
    • writeImageFile

      public abstract void writeImageFile(OutputStream outStream, String format, ByteBuffer imageData, int width, int height) throws IOException
    • setErrorMessageHandler

      public void setErrorMessageHandler(Consumer<String> handler)
      Set function to handle errors. The default implementation show a dialog if available.
      handler - Consumer to which the error is passed as String
    • handleErrorMessage

      public void handleErrorMessage(String message)
      Internal use only: submit an error to the error message handler
    • setSettingsHandler

      public void setSettingsHandler(BiFunction<AppSettings,Boolean,Boolean> handler)
      Set a function to handler app settings. The default implementation shows a settings dialog if available.
      handler - handler function that accepts as argument an instance of AppSettings to transform and a boolean with the value of true if the settings are expected to be loaded from the user registry. The handler function returns false if the configuration is interrupted (eg.the the dialog was closed) or true otherwise.
    • handleSettings

      public boolean handleSettings(AppSettings settings, boolean loadFromRegistry)
      Internal use only: summon the settings handler
    • showErrorDialog

      @Deprecated public void showErrorDialog(String message)
      Use JmeSystemDelegate.handleErrorMessage(String) instead
      message -
    • showSettingsDialog

      @Deprecated public boolean showSettingsDialog(AppSettings settings, boolean loadFromRegistry)
    • getPlatform

      public Platform getPlatform()
    • getBuildInfo

      public String getBuildInfo()
    • getPlatformAssetConfigURL

      public abstract URL getPlatformAssetConfigURL()
    • newContext

      public abstract JmeContext newContext(AppSettings settings, JmeContext.Type contextType)
    • newAudioRenderer

      public abstract AudioRenderer newAudioRenderer(AppSettings settings)
    • initialize

      public abstract void initialize(AppSettings settings)
    • showSoftKeyboard

      public abstract void showSoftKeyboard(boolean show)